Mirror Disco Ball Hanging

  • INSIDE THE PACK: This package contains -( 1 PCS ) Rate Mirror Disco Ball Silver
  • 3inch: 50
  • 4inch :180
  • 6inch:  280
  • 8inch  380
  • 10inch 750
  • 12inch 950

Product details

Mirror Disco Ball Hanging Disco Lighting Ball with Hanging Ring for Party or DJ Club Stage, Bar, Wedding, Holiday Decoration (Silver)
  • BENEFITS –  Silver Mirror Disco Ball adds a touch of glamour and excitement to any event. Its sparkling surface reflects light in all directions, creating a mesmerizing display that instantly transforms any space.
  • FEATURES – The disco ball is adorned with small, high-quality mirror tiles that catch and reflect light brilliantly.
  • USE – Perfect for anyone looking to infuse their event with a touch of classic disco charm. Whether for a lively dance party, a themed event or as a statement piece for photography, this disco ball guarantees a night of glitz and glamour.
  • REUSABLE – Crafted for longevity, this disco ball is designed to be a lasting addition to your party inventory. Carefully store it after use, and it will be ready to shine at your next event.